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last fly for me up to th 25 th of august...a freestyle ..."KYLLBURG"

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#1 geraldsherbrook


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Posted Yesterday, 05:39 PM




Yes this is my last fly for a week or three...I think it will be on tuesday the 25 th of august I will come 'in' again from my yearly two full weeks in Germany (normally it's 10 days now it will be a full two weeks - as we rented a house for two weeks)...


euh and NO I have not a 'labtop' to 'help myself' when on 'route' or on 'travel' (mine I have and use is still a normal standard PC)...so NO internet for me 'upthere' ...ah best soooo...euh at least my beloved Nathalie is happy for that !!!


Euh the fly YOU see...yes it's a special hahahahaha ...ah in a sense I didn't had realy the 'swung' anymore tooooooooo to 'dig' far away in my materials...


Some of YOU know I am a bit in the 'curlew flow' for the moment...yes those birds are 'moulting' for the moment uphere in our lowlands...


and sooooooooo tail and wing who is on ...is curlew wingquill (didn't used the best of slip for the rearside...a pitty...as otherwise I am fairly pleased with my result...even she looks realy special hahahahaha)


hook : Partridge hook of sorts (long(ish)...ah I don't like long(ish) hooks

pstttttttt no tip / tag this time

tail : curlew wingslip quills (l/r)

tailveiling : not less than five small feathers of my brothers death canarie bird

body : two white peacock herls wound togheter

bodyrib : copper

bodyhackle : a soft natural brown with black center hen feather

throath : brown Partridge hackle

underwing : four small feathers of my brothers death canarie bird

headwing : curlew wingslips (a pitty of my rear slip who was to pointed - damned)

frontcollar : white albino pheasant feather

second frontcollar : afterfeather of the same albino pheasant feather


ENJOY and LOVE YOU ALL...seeking everyone again on the 25 th...but don't attend a reply when the 'serie of inputs' would be realy realy long...


pstttttttttttt yes I will have some flytying materials with me on my holiday...but normally just enough for one 'wet' ...enough to tie some 'dry flies' (as there is 'dry' fly water upthere where I stay (25 years in a row the same destination with my Nathalie ...in the past with our three children and since a year or 7/8 only with the two of us...destination is allways Kyllburg on the river Kyll (at one time a good brown trout and European grayling river...unfortunatly the stock of my 'favorit' game fish ...the grayling is demnished to a sprinkle...and this due to a cormorant invasion a year or eight back...and it recovers only very very slowly !!!




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#2 geraldsherbrook


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Posted Yesterday, 05:53 PM

Dear Members,


euh the cheeks You see on the wing are minivet feathers..and so those aren't of my brothers death canarie hahahahahaha...didn't found the big box of those canarie feathers...ah the ones I used for the tailveilings and my underwing where sitting in a little box 'closeby'...and tapping 'fire' they show and are hahahahahhahahahaha




PS...Perhaps to some this fly let ring still a bell ...this one was tied completly with my brothers 'death canarie' hahahahahahahaha

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#3 Tidal


    Val Kropiwnicki

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Posted Yesterday, 06:39 PM

....a comet, Geert. Beautiful.

#4 jimmy10


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Posted Yesterday, 07:27 PM

Beautiful Geert!!,as usual ! great looking wets, have a good holiday, and rest your voice and fingers,it sure will be quiet round here!!



#5 peterdc


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Posted Yesterday, 07:58 PM

Again a typical 'Belgian copper-fly' from you my friend. Unmistakeable your signature!


see you tomorrow!