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George LaBranch stuff

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#1 ted patlen

ted patlen

    marstons mills, massachusetts....cape cod

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Posted 18 October 2016 - 03:00 AM

Attached File  IMG_1228.JPG   93.02K   76 downloadsAttached File  IMG_1230.JPG   97.77K   72 downloadsI am making a frame for a client and these are part of what will be in the frame.


The owner (an extremely knowledgeable fly fishing historian) believes that some of these are from LaBranches hand.  The hand writing is his and most probably the Pink Lady.


Some very interesting procedures...the wings on some , like the ashy, are tied in after the hackle and the tails are long and very sparse.  most are # 14.


Attached File  IMG_1223.JPG   58.62K   71 downloadsAttached File  IMG_1222.JPG   74.64K   75 downloadsAttached File  IMG_1226.JPG   82.39K   74 downloadsAttached File  IMG_1224.JPG   86.34K   66 downloadsAttached File  IMG_1227.JPG   105.05K   71 downloadsAttached File  IMG_1228.JPG   93.02K   76 downloads

Attached File  IMG_1230.JPG   97.77K   72 downloadsAttached File  IMG_1230.JPG   97.77K   72 downloads


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#2 geraldsherbrook


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Posted 18 October 2016 - 10:52 AM

Dear TED,


Rarely come in 'here' (or just sporadic let say)...


Ah ah ah whatever the tyer of those flies here...I can only say they are marvellous looking...


I love those 'spoonish' wings on them........the pink also is 'seducing' (but don't tell that to 'my dearest enemy to my heart DALE ...as he hates PINK in any form on a fleeeeee - psttttttt PINK is the 'best colour' for trout and European grayling)...ah that 'pink' fly has a at least a bit of a 'Tups Indispensable' (even this 'one' was catalogued as a fancy in all his succes)


realy flies who are wurth to receive a 'special' place/frame by that 'fanatic' !!!...rather than rest stored in 'one' of his (most probably many drawers or closests)


Thanks 'my friend' for making the effort to take those photo's and gifting them to 'US'...mucho appreciated


Greetings to Your beloved 'one' and I hope everything goes well...wonder if YOU and Your 'bride' enjoyed the fishing at DD 'his' Estate Park in june !!! hahahahahahahaha ...


Geert and Nathalie

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#3 Dale A. Darling

Dale A. Darling

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Posted 18 October 2016 - 05:59 PM

Thanks Ted. Great to see the flies and info.

It's interesting how we sort of revere our fly fishing forefathers; but if someone tied and posted a fly that looked anything like these "originals" our group would have a fit of snobbery. Haha. The laugh is on is.

Thanks a lot for this. Best to you and your bride.
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