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Marbury Orvis Hooks - which were used?

11 June 2019 - 04:15 AM


Does anyone know what hooks were used in Marbury's book? I'm particulary interested in the hooks used to tie the Lake Flies.



Silver doctor - first salmon fly

30 January 2019 - 06:32 PM

Hello folks,

I tied my first fly ever two months ago. I have never fly fished, though I want to learn some day.

Tying flies has been a sort of therapy, literally. I've been fighting mental health issues for a couple of years. 

Two months ago I was walking into a fishing store, just to waste some time. When I was looking around in the store I passed the fly fishing section and was just amazed by all these flies. I was especially amazed by the craft itself and the time someone has to put into making them. 

So I thought to myself that I want to tie flies too. So I bought a starter kit, not knowing a thing about fly tying. Looked up some recipies and a couple of tutorials on youtube... Turns out that when I'm tying flies I feel better. Since then I've tried to tie all sorts of flies, nymphs, wet flies, dry flies... A little bit of everything - mostly Bergman stuff though. 

Now I've been more and more drawn to tie salmon flies... Which leads me to this post.

This is the first salmon fly I've ever tied, so please don't be rude. 

I wan't to get some tips about what I could've done better.

It's tied on a #3 hook. I Probably should've went a little bit bigger looking at all the other flies on this forum... I was very very tricky to tie on such a small hook... 



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