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10 June 2011 - 02:13 PM

I like the flirtatious look of this pattern.  Just a few fibers of hot pink Uni-floss were used in the tail and at the head.  Rather than fix the rib of gold lace and the errant hackle barb...I let her stand as is.  I bit more complex than my recent fare, but still in the same vein. I have a sunny forecast for this fly


Is it a tail ?

28 May 2011 - 06:09 PM

Have you ever noticed that the "tail" of the majority of classic salmon flies neither looks like, or behaves like a tail?  In fact, in many, or most cases, it is a contiguous part of the wing.  If you look at classic (or modern) wet wing patterns...even they make accomodations for the tease of a swaying behind.  In my case, it has helped me plenty to understand that the tail topping was "in fact" a tail.  All things said, it still ended up looking like part of the wing

It's not my intent to make this post contentious, I'm hoping that our historians can shed some light.  Which of the early tiers started to separate the two?


Red Molly

27 May 2011 - 03:07 PM

Named after a gal in Richard Thompson's wonderful ballad "1952 Vincent Black Lightning".

The tip/tag of this fly were tied over a year ago.  The "gut" is 60 lb test "scuffed mono, tied into the second butt..  I continue to work on blending floss and refining new methods to mounting wings.  I've got good feelings about this one.  Just add water



23 May 2011 - 07:25 PM

I drive a 1998 Honda Civic...my financial situation could be best described as lower middle class.  A great source of pride for me is not so much the flies that I have tied...but what I have learned in doing so and the wonderful friends I have made here at the forum.

In the face of so many magnificent "works of art" it may seem daunting to even take your first step (even if you have plenty of $).

Please consider a few suggestions/ observations

-  Be honest with a trusted feather dealer...tell them what your budget is, and i can assure you they will do their best for you.  John McLain has had as much infuence on my success as any fly tier here.

-  Do not over extend yourself financially.....trouble ahead (and you deserve it)

-  Treat your materials like diamonds....be patient and considerate

-  Demonstrate your willingness to learn and your resolve (unexpected gifts may come your way)

-  Contribute humility...perhaps your greatest gift to the forum

-  NEVER EVER feel that those who are wealthy have an advantage.  Let your hard earned skills do the work

-  Make a three year plan (discuss with your family) and don't expect miracles

-  fish your flies

-  practice


Peas and Carrots

21 May 2011 - 08:38 PM

More deadly than elegant, more modern than classical. My attempt to stay in the mix and to share some design experiments with the forum. I call this site my fly tying home so I hope you don't mind if I show up in inappropriate attire once in a while