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A 'wet' fly and a streamer and a bit 'more' in vieuw of BELGIUM against JAPAN tomorrow at the WORLDCUP 'football/soccer' held in Russia for the moment

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#1 geraldsherbrook


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Posted 01 July 2018 - 02:00 PM

Tomorrow monday 'our' Belgium football team/squad is playing in the 1/18 FINALS against ...the players and team of the land of the 'RISING SUN'...read ofcourse JAPAN...and this in the WORLDCUP FOOTBALL/SOCCER 2018 ...who is held in RUSSIA at the moment.


Our BELGIUM team is a good 'team' and they are also called by everyone overhere in 'our' little country as the "RED DEVILS" (for reasons their red 'home' outfit in wich they play - sometimes they play in yellow also...but then when it's demanded.


People who know a bit of European football...or why not or 'connoisseurs'...know that 'our' best players are also leading players in foreign competions......like HAZARD, DEBRUYNE, COURTOIS, LUKAKU, MERTENS, FELLAINI, KOMPANY, MEUNIER...DEMBELE, ALDERWEIRELD, WITSEL, CARRASCO, VERMAELEN and VERTONGEN...to name only this important and good known players. They play in teams like : Manchester United, Manchester City, Liverpool, Paris St.Germain, Napoli, Barcelona, Chelsea..........


So lets hope they WIN against JAPAN...and then they continue into the 1/4 FINALS against most probably BRASIL.


As I did allready in the past ...I tied yesterday evening a 'WET FLY' (a miniMOM(ish) one ...in wich I gifted our 'opponents' JAPAN their 'FLAG colours' (not their outfit/shirt colors as I know they play most of the time in a blue outfit. A rather quick tied fly...simple in construction !!! but IMO all in all presenting the 'LAND OF THE RISING SUN' hahahahaha...

pstttttttttttt next to the JAPANEES fleeeee...I still let vieuw a couple of other photo's of flies I tied with 'our' pronounced BELGIUM flag colors.........think (no non I am sure) that I putted also one little wet in the giftframe of BOB Mc.DONALD with our Belgium flag colors.


One of the other flies is one of my 'sporadic' streamers !!! wich I titled "RED DEVIL" in vieuw 'our qualification for the 'last' Worldcup (this was four years back). I also tied two flies when BELGIUM had to play against ARGENTINA on that same Worldcup four yes back (yesterdayevening Argentina went 'out' against FRANCE)...You will spot the Argentina 'flag colours' or at least their football outfit colors and ofcourse our Belgium flag colors and outfit. Both wet flies have 'mixed wings'.


Another fly I still want to show is a 'freestyle salmon fly' with classical notes that I 'sended' up to TED PATTLEN to put in the giftframe for DALE DARLING (this after the 'tragedy' who had strucked him and his wife - the complete flooding away of his house bordering the Big Thompson river in Colorado. It was a idea of the then immense popular 'CLASSIC FLYTYING.Com forum (The Classic and Artistic Salmon Flytying - READ 'our site to our hearts RIGHT HERE we are now !!! hahahaha)


Euh and yes I did a bit of football in my far far youth toooooooo...wonder if YOU can pick me out ...of that squad hahahaa (pstttttt the medaillon and cigar have a other meaning hahahaha but that YOU must ask at my 'American enemy to my heart' DALE DARLING.





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#2 geraldsherbrook


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Posted 01 July 2018 - 02:03 PM

Dear friends,


Ofcourse that the white fly with the 'rising sun' had to be shown first in the 'row'


then the streamer, then the 'Belgium against Argentina' of four years bakc, then the fly who is sitting in DALE DARLING his giftframe of the Classic Flytying.Com forum 'friends' who particpated, then me as youngster (I am sitting under - third of the left) and last had to be 'three of our RED DEVIL players' in their worldcup outfit shirt.

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#3 Charlie Vestal

Charlie Vestal

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Posted 03 July 2018 - 12:19 AM



I hope you got to see the Red Devils pull off a win today.



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