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09 March 2019 - 08:15 PM

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Vision, glasses, trust and the tactile sense.

06 March 2019 - 09:03 PM

Its been an interesting tying season for me as regards my vision. Im 57 years old and have been wearing glasses for the last 30 years, bifocals for the last 10. When I sat down at the vise this past autumn I noticed a considerable difference in my near-field vision at the vise... it was worse! Without the aid of an old Herters clamp mounted magnifying glass, the thread and materials were pretty much out of focus. I did find the magnifying glass to be a bit of a bother though, so I used it on only the smallest of the flies I tie, about a size 14 or 16. I pressed on and subsequently tied more flies this off-season than I have in quite a few years and really discovered that TOUCH, FEEL and yes even TRUST IN YOUR ABILITY play a larger role in tying then I ever imagined. The connection we have with the tying thread is every bit as much tactile as it is visible; dare I say even more so. On those mornings when I really couldnt see a blessed thing, I relied on muscle memory and trust and the results were astonishingly good. The thread went where I wanted because I had done it so many times before. Its difficult to trust yourself to continue to tie when you cant see, but by golly it works!
I picked up my new glasses after work today and headed straight to the vise when I got home. To my delight, everything is now sharply in focus and clear as a bell. I let out a whoop of joy and broke out the polar bear in celebration and tied up some smallie streamers.
I wouldnt want to tie like I have been doing the last 4 months again, but it did teach me some interesting lessons in the fundamental roots of our skills at the vise that I probably wouldnt have learned otherwise. Im not suggesting it made me a better tyer, but it certainly made me a more confident and grateful one.