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Tilbouries (Farlows)

24 July 2018 - 07:43 PM

Been eyeing this one for a bit now, and opted to tie it last night. 


Made a slight change in using a grayish blue fur and hackle, compared to the original in the book.  Thought it would look nice (always loved the combo of blue and golden olive).


Head is actually "salmonberry" pearsalls (waxed with cobblers), and dark orange shellac.  Came out that rich orange/tan color...just liked the look of it so I left it as is.  


I believe this is a #3 Blue Heron hook...but its possible its one size below that.  


Attached File  Tilbouries.jpg   44.44K   104 downloads

Recent classics from various places

18 July 2018 - 12:20 PM

Been keeping up with my tying, but as always, bouncing around on different styles. 


Rogan "Pink & Orange" 1-1/2

Attached File  PinkandOrange.jpg   32.43K   130 downloads


Erin-Go-Bragh which I tied on a Blue Heron (smallest size I believe)...attempt was to "modernize" it a little bit.

Attached File  EGB.jpg   32.76K   153 downloads


Next two, Green Islander and the Rainbow, both featured in the Fishing Gazette...I toned the green down in the Islander pattern, just think it looks nicer.

Attached File  GI.jpg   37.52K   149 downloads

Attached File  Rainbow.jpg   36.41K   154 downloads


Also did the "MacNicol" from the Gazette...an odd fly for sure.  Mixture on mohair in the wing, and a mane, plus blue silk, yellow hackles (including macaw on the throat) just make it hard one to look at lol

Attached File  MacNicol.jpg   33.41K   151 downloads


Last one was an odd duck from Farlows...a pattern for Captain Savile, which features the copper tinseled chenille. 

Attached File  Savile.jpg   36.07K   120 downloads

Green Islander 2/0 (Fishing Gazette)

28 June 2018 - 10:48 AM

Im fond of this dressing.  I muted the colors a bit usin some olives mixed with the greens. I added the mallard as well.  Seemed like it should be there.

Body is a blend of hares fur dyed yellow olive, and highlander green seals fur.

Attached File  F3B6F85B-634B-4F9C-BBD1-4E0E4EFD6214.jpeg   55.35K   113 downloads

Classically Inspired Spey Flies

27 June 2018 - 12:49 PM

I have had a great deal of fun tying these types of patterns as of late.  Maybe because they are simpler, but I tend to really like the hackles and how the color transitions up the body.  


So below are some that are rooted in a classic pattern (Delfur Fancy and the Silver Riach), where others were just something that came up in my head.  


Even put a little copper tinsel in one of them *WINK WINK*


Attached File  delfur.jpg   35.43K   93 downloads

Attached File  silver riach.jpg   31.8K   105 downloads

Attached File  caroline var.jpg   35.57K   89 downloads

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Pair of Farlow's Spey Patterns - Purple Kind and Lady Evelyn

18 May 2018 - 02:58 PM

I find spey patterns satisfying to tie, as I think the simplicity of them takes the pressure off a little. 


I also love the "fishyness" factor of them...


Started off with a version of a Purple King...as shown in the Farlow's book.  Uses a natural brown feather instead of the more commonly seen black version.  Also has a countered rib of yellow floss.

Attached File  32617016_378987959265424_1818652340408811520_o.jpg   55.89K   185 downloads


This pattern caught my eye as well.  The Lady Evelyn...the vintage example was very beat up, but I tried to envision what it would look like fresh out of the vise.  It was described a bright day type of fly, and I can see why.  Mother natures color palette works well on this one.  Throat is a bit hard to decipher, but its yellow GP rump.

Attached File  32843019_379348049229415_7845848825276137472_o.jpg   51.75K   191 downloads