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Painting for Gary Tanner and the MSA

05 March 2018 - 01:20 AM

Attached File  Waiting fro Rain_Glista_Camp_July.jpg   231.89K   75 downloads
"Waiting for Rain - Glista Camp - July"
Water color 11" x 8"
A new painting I did for the Miramichi Salmon Association. Gary will be adding flies he tied and framing this piece for auction at an upcoming MSA Dinner.


the Imperfect Beauty.218.SSSP

19 February 2018 - 02:56 PM

the reason:

I tied this one up at the Bear's Den show this past weekend. I had originally wanted to make something inspired by a Klinkhammer with the addition of some metal wings unfolding along the back of the bug but when researching reference photos I stumbled upon this: Attached File  9.jpg   68.5K   104 downloads


Getting there:

I rode up with Ben (Pork) for the 2 hour drive. Typical contemporary conversation about guns, education, politics, food and fishing ensued but by far the highlight of the trek was how Ben schooled me on the nuances and harsh realities of being a working jazz drummer. (read: Hard Bop project coming soon, who wants in?)


the Bug:

New stuff in that I painted the metal here with nail polish to match the structural wing elements of the bug. Like the kid got a new box of crayons! I couldn't help but wish I could weave like Garren Wood for a better dark/light representation of the back half of the body.


So, like in nature, like in life, so ugly it's beautiful.


Attached File  the-_Imperfect_Beauty.214.SSSP.web.jpg   76.25K   132 downloadsAttached File  Imperfect_Beauty.det2.web.jpg   121.09K   110 downloadsAttached File  Imperfect_Beauty.det3.web.jpg   99.96K   98 downloadsAttached File  Imperfect_Beauty.det4.web.jpg   114.58K   71 downloads

the Mclain Bloodline.218.SSSP

04 February 2018 - 05:40 AM

the McLain Bloodline.218.SSSA - sorry about the spelling above John, I don't know how to change it in the post title :(


A few years back I was lucky enough to chat it up with John McLain at the International Fly Tying Symposium in Somerset, NJ . I think it was the second year after he came out with his "Funky Feathers" dyed hackles. By the time I made it to that show most of the funky feathers had been snatched up, and I was bummed. Anyhow, we were talking about the dying process and to my amazement John pulled out the first skin he had dyed in this new funky scheme. I started drooling because as you know some feathers are more special than others, and some feathers are more special still. I asked him if the skin was for sale, and it wasn't but in true McLain fashion he plucked a few feathers from the skin and gave them to me. I was bummed no more!


So for the past 4 or 5 years these 5 feathers have sat in the box with my other "precious" materials waiting for the right inspiration to finally get them on a hook. The other day I was thinking about some of the things we all have in common and a McLain connection was one of them. The bloodline is symbolized here with the scarlet twist in the body. The wing feathers and collar are form that original Funky Feathers Blue Jay skin. Hook is a Lucas 10/0 Lucas JS Stout.

Attached File  the McClain Bloodline.218.SSSP.web.jpg   118.57K   135 downloadsAttached File  the McClain Bloodline.218.SSSP.alt.web.jpg   115.82K   137 downloadsAttached File  the McClain Bloodline.218.SSSP.det4.web.jpg   217.94K   101 downloadsAttached File  the McClain Bloodline.218.SSSP.det2.web.jpg   144.79K   78 downloads


02 January 2018 - 02:58 AM

I've always admired the Paul Ptalis pattern and the idea of wanting to build something inspired by it has been sitting somewhere deep in my noggin ever since the first time I saw it. Well, this past Christmas I received the new Primus album - The Desaturating Seven as a gift. This album is a musical interpretation of the Ul De Rico book - the Rainbow Goblins. The book is aesthetically beautiful, but weird. The album is sonically beautiful, and my favorite kind of weird. I also wanted to draw the fly first this time after a comment/question Royce made on another of my flies.  The hook is one of Ronn's - a 10/0 J.S.S.


Here you go Royce - the drawing.

Attached File  As_Drawn.web.jpg   85.18K   80 downloads


The bug and some details.

Attached File  ROYGBIV.118.SSA.web.jpg   86.59K   98 downloadsAttached File  ROYGBIV.118.SSA.alt3.jpg   69.9K   94 downloadsAttached File  ROYGBIV.118.SSA.alt1.web.jpg   100.79K   82 downloadsAttached File  ROYGBIV.118.SSA.alt5.web.jpg   86.31K   82 downloadsAttached File  ROYGBIV.118.SSA.det1.web.jpg   94.92K   78 downloadsAttached File  ROYGBIV.118.SSA.det2.web.jpg   119.94K   68 downloads


Happy New Year All. Hope you all have a Happy, Healthy and Creative 2018!



Company Man.1217.SP

27 December 2017 - 02:51 PM

... in the sense that everything about this one was defined by its place of work, in this case  a Lucas Noble C 2xl.

These hooks are great places to tell a (long) story. Here goes: Tying a fly as career metaphor


We all choose a career. Sometimes it is a simple as "it, looks like a cool thing to do".

Attached File  the_Company_Man.1217.SP.parts.web.jpg   99.74K   94 downloads


In the beginning you work hard, focus on the task at hand. You do what needs to be done. At times it feels like this job will go on forever.

Attached File  the_Company_Man.1217.SP.web.jpg   78.86K   122 downloads


As you continue on your hard work starts to pay off, decisions start to show more on the company as a whole.

Attached File  the_Company_Man.1217.SP.det2.web.jpg   92.71K   107 downloads


Late mid-career you orchestrate a team while maintaining focus on the big picture. Big stuff gets done, glory days.

Attached File  the_Company_Man.1217.SP.alt2.web.jpg   69.92K   111 downloads


At the end you stop, look back, and wonder. Hopefully the resolve outweighs the mistakes.

Attached File   the_Company_Man.1217.SP.alt.web.jpg   65.27K   97 downloads