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Fishing the Classics.

26 August 2018 - 04:05 PM

Been a while since I last posted. I've been fishing, hunting the big salmon. I came as far as 10.3 kilograms this time, with two monsters lost in the deep before I could start drilling them.

Here is a Chatterer I tied up for the occasion, as I always wanted to try this fly.


Attached File  38943664_10156419698135218_8165919288641716224_n.jpg   161.42K   118 downloads


Over the course of a single week, I landed 13 salmon, and lost 4. I took 8 salmon on this Chatterer, the biggest being just over 10 kilograms. Here is a picture of that big one:

Attached File  39282943_10156431648045218_3884554957227032576_n.jpg   147.96K   133 downloads


And here are a few more fish with that same fly in their beaks:


Attached File  39392732_10156431647645218_6090315079436206080_n.jpg   92.31K   103 downloads


Attached File  39441117_10156434748790218_3438535943705853952_n.jpg   120.93K   110 downloads


The record fish for the week, I took on a Colonel per Tolfrey, however:

Attached File  39010616_10156418632870218_3167264147138150400_n.jpg   146.67K   118 downloads


Here is a pic of that fish, it was 5:30 AM:

Attached File  38985135_10156418626250218_4197394989178683392_n.jpg   132.97K   116 downloads


Other successful flies include the Black Eagle (Francis) and the Popham (original version with the double ic). It was fantastic to see classics work, and conclude the first phase of a learning experience that started in 2013. I do apologise for fishing only authentic exotics. I did release 11 of the fish. 


Thanks for looking, and to this forum also a thanks, for getting me started on my journey, back then.




Cockatoo 1/0

06 July 2018 - 07:55 PM

Here’s a double winged Cockatoo. I forced the taper to reverse, so that I could tie it tips down. This is the concave side of the wing quills, so the remarrying was a bit of a challenge. I do like the outcome, I’m actually quite pleased with it.


I chose to double the wings, because previous experience with this pattern resulted in a disappointment with Banksian as a fishing material. Good movement, but generally just dull.


We’ll see how this one performs, this summer.


Thanks for looking :-)


Cockatoo 1/0

08 June 2018 - 06:24 PM

Been having this male Banksii feather pair on my list of materials to try and use... The cool part of the female feathers is a huge disappointment in the river. No sunlight reflection, just a dull piece of crap. These male barbs are a lot thicker, and it makes the red more vibrant. I'm looking forward to try it this summer.


I tied the wings over to the sides of the shank, so that the hackle has free play above the fly. I have seen this on that gorgeous plate from the Stoddart book, the plate with the Tweed flies. I'm told that this style is not common for the Tweed, however, but I'm not fishing there anyways :D

Anyways, I hope you like my efforts. I'm finally managing to mount these slips without splitting them. So I am enjoying myself :-)


Thanks for looking!


Popham 1/0

14 April 2018 - 04:54 PM

Used only substitute feathers on this one. Trying to make a crow crimper work. The crimps will surely be gone when it hits the water, but it is fun to walk the extra mile and try to get close to granadensis. The photograph is overexposed. The IC is a lot less red...


One more for the wallet! Thanks for looking :-)


Red Sandy size 8

04 April 2018 - 09:08 PM

I felt inspired to try and imitate Granadensis with Orange Weaver. I doubled the feathers on the body veils, which made them a tad too much even. But I like how the fly came out.

Showing it with its size 2 brother... Fiddly business, but holding the Weaver in place, then dropping some saliva on it before coiling the tying thread, really helped hold them in place.


I may actually prefer the smaller one... what is your opinion?