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A 'pink' couple ...ah in a sense to 'tease' a bit my 'dearest enemy...

14 October 2018 - 06:07 PM



For the moment I am on train teasing a bit my 'dear old enemy to my heart' DALE DARLING !!! and this on my 'own' Facebook time line aswell on some of the Facebook Groups


It's known by me since a couple of years that DALE doesn't like PINK in flies (any flies)...and from time to time I do my best to TRY to convince him that PINK is a good succesfull 'fishing colour' in flies !!!


Ah this last two days I launched not less than 51 PINK flies I found in my OWN photo files ...these I launched on my 'own' FACEBOOK TIME LINE ...flies with pink or magenta in them that I tied this last years !!!


but this two 'here' where tied last week ...so they are fresh ...a 'small salmon fly' and still smaller one of my 'creative wets' (I launch that 'one' with as they where tied the one after the other and I picutered them togheter)


Had to crimp unfortunatly again the photo's...ah had still others tooooo but those here will be enough !!!


Enjoy and LOVE YOU ALL 



Some 'fresh' DUO's ...of my 'Creative GEWE Wet Flies'

14 October 2018 - 05:53 PM



See here TWO fresh 'duo's of my 'Creative GEWE Wet flies'


As usual of late had to 'crimp' my photo's of them to 'launch' here...


Hope YOU all could enjoy a good good weekend !!!






PS ...both the 'duo's' received my beloved 'FRENCH' Grey PERIGORD goose underflankfeathers as a wing.....psttttttttttttttttttt and YOU will perhaps not believe me ...but on the 'red' ones  with magenta ribbing...I even went on purpose for a 'less broad' wing hahahahaha (a bit 'anorexia' hahahahah)

A couple of my 'latest' CREATIVE GEWE WET FLIES ...ah had to crimp those beauty...

08 October 2018 - 05:46 PM



See here some of my latest 'CREATIVE GEWE WET FLIES'


played a bit  for this serie of five with 'woodduck' and 'peacock swords' (and yes in a sense there is one who is tied a bit (one size) bigger than the others (the one on my finger - a crossbreed between a wet fly and small salmonfly) .....and for the others a bit with 'fluff' and afterfeathers of a pheasant !!!






PS...Unfortunatly (and REALY sorry) for that ...I had to 'crimp' all my beautyful photo's to come to under those 2MB

PS...I am to find on 'Facebook' too since the end of june


A "ROTHIEMAY" out of the 'Farlow's book'...and two 'freestylers...

08 October 2018 - 01:54 PM



With hopefully  a fresh 'wind' going on HERE on our forum  !!! ...I found it time to 'post' some of my flies I tied of late !!!


The first is the "ROTHIEMAY" out of the Farlows book...in a sense a "LADY CARLOLINE" with a nice colourfull mixed wing (lots of colours asked for by the book instructions and soooo every asked for ingredient went into my 'mixer').....a good fly for the Scottish river DEVERON ....and they  mentioned also that it was a good fly for the river Moriston (tributary of Loch Ness)...


the other two are freestylers ...with my signature and classical notes still to see 'all over'




ah a pitty that I had to 'crimp' my photofiles again before posting...yes I could had gift more pictures but I should have to crimp my originals or copy first and then work on them to 'crimp' to under the 2mb...one of each was enough !!!





Another 'two' duo's of my recent 'CREATIVE GEWE WET FLIES' - tied o...

14 September 2018 - 05:42 PM



With FACEBOOK in 'full swing' I have it more and more difficult to arrive here...but the good thing is ...I still arrive and will arrive further in the future (even this will be like now ...'in steps' and 'intervals')


What I present here are two times a 'duo'...sooooooooo FOUR (4) of my 'CREATIVE GEWE WET FLIES'


euh still this ...these are 'new wet flies' tied this last week or last week and a half !!!


Enjoy !!!